Photo Builder Powered By Vercel OG

Photo builder screenshot

So, I began working on a project called MediaDoodle that would help websites create featured images at scale. I was using JIMP, a JavaScript library for image manipulation. Later, I watched a keynote where Vercel released Vercel OG. It's cool to see that other developers recognized this as a challenge.

But at this time, I stopped working on MediaDoodle and started on another project. In my head, a photo builder is possible with Vercel OG, and it was just my imagination. Late one night, I decided to give it a go, and it honestly effortlessly came together. I was pretty geeked up.

When built, I was working on a SaaS for the restaurant space and left MediaDoodle in the background. But I knew I could reuse the code for MediaDoodle if I wanted to pursue that further in the future.

I know that due to COVID-19, QR codes became popular.

I also wanted to explore what was possible and how system administrators could tie data to a QR code when scanned. So I implemented a way to connect the QR codes to the graphic where the same design can be printed with a unique QR code on each design for an effortless admin experience.

Unfortunately, I had to discontinue that project, but we will see what the future brings. But is it possible. Big thanks to the team at Vercel.

Check out the video demo below.

Thanks for reading!