Working in software, and living life. Here are some things I like to share.

Some things that are on my mind.

Stop using Gravatar libraries

Here’s how you can create your own Gravatar library without relying on third-party libraries.

Photo Builder Powered By Vercel OG

Using Vuetify and Vercel OG you got options to built a light weight photobuilder in the cloud.

The Idea List

I spend allot of time thinking what I want to build. Here is some idea I've had

The Launch of ClipReply

Today ClipReply was launched. It was a challanging project but I did it!

What Would the Future You Tell You?

No one knows yourself better than you. If you ever said to yourself “I wish I would have known that then” this article might just be perfect for you. My goal for this post is to get you thinking about how you can make your future brighter!

My Madison 4K Drone Edit

I have been filming in Madison WI this month. Here is an edit of the shots that were captured.